A List of 101+ Academic Writing Websites Where You Can Find Jobs

Finding it hard to find academic writing work? You are in luck because there are numerous sites that offer you the opportunity to get academic writing jobs. I have spent many years working as an academic writer and I have had the opportunity to use most of the platforms in this list. Each has its own perks and quirks and I have made sure to highlight my experience with each site.

list of academic writing sites

  1. Upwork: A broad freelance platform that includes various writing jobs, including academic writing.
  2. Freelancer: Another extensive platform where you can find freelance academic writing gigs.
  3. Academia-Research: A site solely dedicated to academic and research writing jobs.
  4. Textbroker: Focuses primarily on content and article writing but also offers academic writing jobs.
  5. WriterBay: Specializes in academic, creative, and business writing.
  6. AcademicWritersOnline: Offers a variety of academic writing jobs, from essays to dissertations.
  7. ResearchWritingCenter: Another specialized platform that focuses only on academic and research writing.
  8. Edusson: Provides a marketplace for essays, research papers, and general academic work.
  9. Toptal: Geared towards the top 3% of freelance talent, including writers.
  10. Craigslist: General classifieds site where you can sometimes find academic writing jobs under ‘Jobs’ or ‘Gigs’.
  11. EssayShark: Specializes in academic writing, especially essays.
  12. Studybay: Another platform focusing on academic papers.
  13. PaperNow: Offers academic papers, dissertations, and other types of academic content.
  14. Guru: General freelance marketplace but with a section for writing and academic work.
  15. PeoplePerHour: A broad platform that also offers academic writing gigs.
  16. ProBlogger Job Board: Mainly for blog writing but sometimes lists academic writing jobs.
  17. SimplyHired: A job search engine that includes academic writing.
  18. Fiverr: Known for gigs starting at $5, but you can offer academic writing services at a rate you set.
  19. iFreelance: Includes categories like academic and research writing.
  20. Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ): Aggregates freelance writing gigs, including academic writing.
  21. Contently: A portfolio site that also offers a marketplace for freelance jobs including writing.
  22. The Creative Group: Recruitment agency for creative roles, including academic writing.
  23. All Indie Writers: Job board that occasionally lists academic writing jobs.
  24. Freelance Writing: Job board and resources for freelance writers, including academic opportunities.
  25. Tutor.com: Primarily an online tutoring service but also offers essay review jobs.
  26. ScribeSense: Focused on educational content, may include academic writing.
  27. The Writer Finder: Matches businesses with writers, occasionally in the academic field.
  28. Remote.co: Specializes in remote job listings, including academic writing.
  29. LinkedIn: Professional networking site with a job search feature.
  30. WritingJobz: Offers various types of writing jobs, including academic writing.
  31. WritersLabs: Provides academic writing jobs in various disciplines.
  32. UVOCorp: Another service offering academic writing gigs.
  33. Chegg Writers: Academic writing and tutoring services.
  34. Writers.ph: A community of writers that includes academic writing gigs.
  35. NerdyTurtlez: Specializes in academic and technical content.
  36. CustomWritings: Focuses solely on academic writing jobs.
  37. OneSpace: Offers different types of freelance jobs, including writing positions.
  38. Constant Content: Article and content marketplace that also offers academic writing.
  39. WriteZillas: Offers a variety of writing jobs, including academic writing.
  40. Freelance Academic Writing Jobs: Aggregates academic writing jobs from across the web.
  41. EssayPro: Focuses solely on academic writing services.
  42. Indeed: General job search engine with a section for academic writing.
  43. WritersCareer: Includes various types of writing jobs, including academic.
  44. WiseGeek: Creates high-quality factual articles; potentially suitable for academic writers.
  45. ZipRecruiter: Job search engine with an academic writing section.
  46. SpeedyPaper: Provides academic writing services and hires freelance writers.
  47. MasterPapers: Specializes in essays, term papers, and dissertations.
  48. HandMadeWriting: Custom essay writing service.
  49. WritersDepartment: Offers a wide range of writing jobs, including academic.
  50. ThePensters: Custom writing service, focusing on academic content.
  51. EssayWriters.net: Connects freelance academic writers with students.
  52. AcademicExperts: Focused on specialized academic writing.
  53. BlueCorp: Offers writing jobs with flexible working conditions.
  54. EssayJedi: Custom essay writing service offering freelance opportunities.
  55. WritingCreek: Freelance writing jobs with a focus on academic papers.
  56. TSM-Group: Offers academic writing jobs with round-the-clock support.
  57. EssayEdge: Specializes in essay editing service and hires writers and editors.
  58. Wordvice: Offers editing services, including academic papers.
  59. Edit911: Editing service offering freelance jobs for academic editing.
  60. EditFast: Provides editing and proofreading services and hires freelancers.
  61. Kibin: Essay editing service with freelance opportunities.
  62. WriterAccess: Content creation platform offering a variety of writing jobs.
  63. TextMaster: Offers translation
  1. Crowd Content: Marketplace for freelance content creators.
  2. Zerys: Offers a platform for writers to offer their services.
  3. Scripted: Focuses on quality content and includes academic writing.
  4. CopyPress: Digital content marketplace, including academic writing.
  5. ClearVoice: Talent network including freelance academic writers.
  6. Contently’s The Freelancer: Blog with a job board that includes freelance and academic writing jobs.
  7. JournalismJobs.com: Focuses on journalism but also includes academic writing.
  8. Freelance Writing Gigs: Job board focused on freelance writing, includes academic.
  9. The Creative Loft: Creative job board that includes academic writing jobs.
  10. Mediabistro: Offers jobs in the media industry, including writing and editing positions.
  11. Freelance Writing Jobs (Canadian): Canada-based job board for freelance writers.
  12. Worldwide Freelance: Global job board for freelance writers.
  13. PubLoft: Matches writers with businesses in various niches.
  14. The Creative Penn: Resources for writers, including job listings.
  15. Writers Weekly: Job listings and resources for freelance writers.
  16. FreelancerCareers: Writing job aggregator, includes academic writing.
  17. AssignmentBox: UK-based academic writing service.
  18. AcademicSciences: UK-based academic writing services.
  19. WriterWeb: Offers a variety of academic writing services.
  20. Academic Knowledge: UK-based service offering academic writing jobs.
  21. Writeright: Focuses solely on academic and technical writing.
  22. UK Essays: UK-based essay writing service.
  23. LondonBrokers: Offers freelance writing jobs including academic writing.
  24. QualityText: Offers writing jobs and focuses on quality content.
  25. CollegeHumor: Focused on humor but occasionally needs research-based articles.
  26. The Diplomat: Focuses on in-depth articles, occasionally suitable for academic writers.
  27. The Change Agent: Adult education publication looking for instructional articles.
  28. The Nation: Political and social commentary, occasionally suitable for academic writers.
  29. The Sun Magazine: Personal essays and stories, occasionally requiring research.
  30. VQR: A literary journal that occasionally requires research-heavy articles.
  31. Epoch Times: News and opinion, occasionally needing in-depth research.
  32. The American Scholar: Quarterly magazine covering a range of topics, good for academic writers.
  33. The Atlantic: Wide-ranging topics that often require research and expertise.
  34. Harpers: Monthly magazine focusing on complex subjects, occasionally suited for academic writers.
  35. One Story: Literary magazine that sometimes needs research-heavy content.
  36. Glimmer Train: A journal of fiction, occasionally requiring research.
  37. AGNI: Publishes poetry, short fiction, and essays, including research-based ones.
  38. Edulancers: The best academic writing site for both students and writers.

Which academic writing website are you currently using?

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